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“For years I struggled and felt lost. I thought I was alone. Now I have support.”

In Uganda there is a severe lack of awareness, with only 1% of the population trained in disabilities services. Without access to information most parents rely on cultural beliefs that their child is “cursed” or “possessed.” They blame themselves for their child’s disability, hide their child away and seclude themselves.


EmbraceKulture is working to provide support for these parents. We go into the community to find hidden children, bring together parents in support groups and then provide trainings on at home therapy and advocacy. What makes our groups different is we also offer income generating and savings programs to ensure our families have the financial stability to support their child’s unique needs.


We are proud to partner with Modesta Foundation, and organization based in Entebbe, founded by Deputy Speak Modesta, who herself had a disability. Modesta fell sick and lost the use of her legs when she was 30. But instead of giving up she began fighting. She has become one of Uganda’s greatest advocates for the rights of children with disabilities and continuously searches to find hidden children and families that need support. You will never find another woman with passion like hers.  

If you are a parent, you understand how lost and alone you can feel. We rely on the support of others to get by. For $50 you can give a parent access to an emotional support network and trainings for at home therapy. For $100 you help a family start a business to gain income to support the services their child needs to thrive.


Someone was there for you. Will you be there for a parent in need?  

There are currently 100 families enrolled in support programs

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