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We work hand-in-hand with local partners to develop and scale the most impactful projects that are locally relevant. We do not change culture, we celebrate it. We do not impose our ideas, we share knowledge. This approach results in sustainable programs and empowers local leadership of the movement for change.

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Amaanyi is the Luganda word for Power! The Amaanyi Center is the first and only Center in Uganda dedicated to empowering youth with special needs to achieve their potential. The Center provides a holistic education including life skills, self-advocacy, vocational training, therapeutic support and much more. It also serves as a hub for community inclusion, providing support to families, trainings for Ambassadors, and fostering awareness and acceptance.

If you believe every child has potential donate now to this campaign.


As part of the Inclusion Challenge, EmbraceKulture was awarded a grant to develop new technology that enables early identification and intervention for children with special needs in even the most rural areas. With this program, rural health workers will be able to use their simple mobile phones to screen children and get them the support they need. We are excited to work with Chance for Childhood on this project, in our joint mission to create a world where every child has the chance to play and feel accepted.

If you believe every child should have the chance to play and feel accepted donate now to support this campaign.



#NoMoreHiddenChildren is a growing social movement championed by an incredible force of local volunteers in Uganda and abroad, including some top celebrity talent. Whether it’s through social media or with boots on the ground, our volunteer Ambassadors are searching for children who have spent their lives hidden away simply because their disability is misunderstood. There are an estimated 1 million hidden or undiagnosed children in Uganda alone. We are going to change this.

If you believe we should live in a world with no more hidden children donate now to support this campaign.


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