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Empowering the community to be the agent of change

Help us create a world with No More Hidden Children!

Creating a world with no more hidden children means not just identifying the children, but reintegrating children into a more accepting, inclusive community. Embrace Kulture works with local leaders, including health workers, community based rehabilitation specialists, and advocates, to empower them to drive change within their community. Our Community Based Interventionist training program was developed with Uganda's leading experts and government officials. 


Reintegration is a process conducted over a year. It is run in conjunction with awareness raising efforts and identification of children with disabilities. Village health workers create and maintain parent support groups and local leaders continue to sensitize the community to prepare for reintegration. The child will visit the community for short integration periods until it is determined that it is safe for full integration. Our team continues to monitor the situation with Home Visits. Usually the reintegration of one child results in identification of many more hidden children as the community becomes more accepting and inclusive. 


Education is the key to change. It is the one gift that has an impact today and will compound through the life of a child.

  • $50:  Support training a rural health worker

  • $75:  Set up a support group  for 20 families

  • $100:  Provide one year of support for a health and rehabilitation worker to provide services to 10-20 children in deep, rural areas , where there is otherwise no access to services

  • $500:  Bring a child home! Sponsor a village meeting! The most important event for reintegration

Our community champions!

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We've set a goal of $1,000. If we achieve our goal the donation will be matched and we will help two children return safely to their community

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