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Director of Resource Development

Mary Beth Numbers has 36 years of experience as a Special Needs teacher and Administrator. She holds a Masters Degrees in Special Education and licenses as a Principal and Special Education Administrator. Mary Beth has traveled annually to Uganda to train teachers on special education resources and inclusive policies for the past five years and has authored the first children's book that celebrates the origin story of Uganda.  

Why I Support Embrace Kulture:

The two greatest influences in my life were my family’s early acceptance and advocacy for my brother with special needs, born in the 1950s when institutionalization was highly recommended to parents.  My parents' commitment to raising Nick within our family and community meant fording new paths throughout Nick’s life. The second strongest influence in my life was my career as a public school educator and administrator, leading inclusive practices for students with disabilities. When I learned about the mission of Embrace Kulture I was passionately drawn to the work.  It is time for acceptance of everyone’s talents as a worldwide focus. Our past journey has certainly evidenced the richness of this endeavor for all.  

What Program I'm Passionate About:

I am most passionate about Embrace Kulture's work with education. Supporting the Gift of Education initiative means providing training to Ugandan teachers who are role models to their communities for acceptance and effective strategies. Supporting this initiative means providing for the first training center in Uganda, the Amaanyi Center, which leads the country in options for youth and adults (ages 16-30) with disabilities. Providing for teaching staff, curriculum, and educational supplies allows our Ugandan staff to be forerunners in their field and in their example. Together we create examples of a better way. 

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