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A Little Bit of Magic!

Term 2 is filled with magic here in Jinja! We had special visitors Kevin Spenser, founder of Hocus Focus and the Healing of Magic and Susan O’Rourke, a professor at Carlow University and the founders of Vcaya. Susan and Kevin have been traveling Uganda to the special schools to visit with some truly special children.

Kevin is a Teaching Artist, Researcher, Speaker, Consultant, and Film Producer. He is also a world-renowned Illusionist with dozens of accolades to his credit. With Hucus Focus and Healing of Magic Kevin demonstrates the therapeutic use of magic tricks in special education and rehabilitation

Kevin put on a wonderful show for the children and teachers including the classic never ending rope of color pulled from the mouth. His brave volunteers were a bit timid and shocked having never seen a magic show before. But it wasn’t long before all the children had mastered the magic words, “Abra Kadabra!”

You may argue that a good magician will never reveal his tricks, but I’ll say a great one will, especially to teach children! Kevin showed us how to make a knot appear in a rope seemingly from thin air. Every student was given a straight rope and showed how to cross their arms and pull them apart and wa-la! A knot!

The students were amazed by what they could do, but the real magic was not the trick it was the educational and physical benefit the children were developing from performing and practicing the trick. Kevin’s tricks are designed to help children to learn facts and concepts they can see, touch, manipulate, and talk about.

It was a truly special day!

To learn more about Kevin’s work visit

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