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Heather’s professional experience spans across industry, consulting, education, and the non-profit sector. She holds a master’s degree in education, completed an executive graduate program in logistics, and earned bachelor’s degrees in Finance & Insurance and Marketing. Following Heather’s career with Mobil Corporation, UPS, Arthur D. Little, and joining a team to launch a startup between a prominent Boston venture capital firm and NEC Japan, she founded her own consulting firm, T&T Consulting. T&T’s mission merges Heather’s background in manufacturing operations, supply chain management, education, and project management to offer experiential learning in community outreach, engagement, and mentoring to achieve effective and positive change. Her greatest passion is learning about others, listening to their diverse experiences, creating connections, and contributing to making meaningful impacts in people’s lives.

Why I Support Embrace Kulture:

From the moment I attended my first Embrace Kulture event in 2015 I was immediately drawn in and inspired by the Embrace Kulture leadership team and their commitment to measurable results. The team’s fierce compassion to selflessly fight for youth with disabilities, and their unwavering integrity to ensure all funds are directly allocated to the needs of youth and the Uganda Amaanyi Center, is steadfast at the core of Embrace Kulture's mission.  As a supporter, I am confident all efforts and resources directly touch the lives of those intended.  Being a part of this impact is energetic and life changing. I have served as an Ambassador for Embrace Kulture since 2016.  I have over 15 years’ experience collaborating with teams in the non-profit sector advocating for grant funded programs focused on inclusion, belonging, and creating opportunity for youth.  Serving to champion Embrace Kulture is a natural fit and provides a magnetic camaraderie.

What Program I'm Passionate About:

The Gift of Community Connection! Hailing originally from the Midwest, I have lived in ten states across the USA.  Often, as an outsider, I recognized the differences in regional cultures and various levels of acceptance to newcomers. I experienced both the sense of exclusion and the gift of connection from those around me who welcomed and embraced me into unfamiliar environments. The power of connection is one of the strongest and important to build within our lives and communities. By supporting the Gift of Community Connection, we can offer trust, respect, and deepen the strength of wellness to children who desperately need this bond.

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