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Board Member

Ashley Lagas has 11 years of experience teaching middle school science in Holliston, MA. Ashley connected with Mary Beth Numbers and learned about Embrace Kulture and the Amaanyi Center prior to a trip to Uganda in February 2020. While in Uganda, she volunteered in Lugazi and visited the Amaanyi Center in Entebbe. The students and staff were so welcoming and prepared a performance with singing and dancing for Ashley and fellow volunteers.

Why I Support Embrace Kulture:

As a science educator, I have had the opportunity to teach learners of all abilities. Science is hands on, fun, and exciting, but most importantly it is accessible for everyone. I first learned about Embrace Kulture and the Amaanyi Center, just weeks before my trip to Uganda in 2020. After learning about the mission of EK, I wanted to learn more, and after visiting AC, I didn’t want to leave. I support EK, because all children deserve access to a quality education that meets their needs as a learner.

What Program I'm Passionate About:

Supporting the gift of creativity and play means that students at the Amaanyi Center will have access to resources that will allow them to learn through discovery and exploration.

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