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Bagonza Sylivia


Sylivia is our youngest teacher and she brings a fresh attitude to the St. Ursula School. She has a demeanor that is magnetic and easy to relate to, which the children take to immediately.

Wantsala Milton


Milton is a rock star teacher. He has been working with children with intellectual disabilities for four years. If you are around him for more than 5 minutes you will feel his passion for teaching. He is eager to work with oldest boys at the school (ages 15 and above).

Mpuya Joshua


Joshua is a newly trained teacher and this will be his first year at St. Ursula Special School. Joshua first visited the school as a volunteer at a sports camp for children with intellectual disabilities. During the camp he was partnered with a girl with autism and he was so amazed by her and what she could do and how she could learn. He decided then and there he wanted to be a teacher for children with autism.



If you had had Monique as your elementary school teacher I can guarantee she would have been your favorite. She is always leading the class with a smile, a laugh and even a dance. Her heart is for children with autism. For some patience is a virtue, but with Monique it is clear that it is her super power. 

Niaga - Sponsored by LWV


Niaga was raised in an orphanage in Uganda. As a teen she would get some time away by volunteering at the special needs school. She has grown into an incredibly confident and skilled woman and an entrepreneur. She runs a successful craft business creating jewelry, leather bags and local art. She has co-founded and runs one of the best pizza restaurants in Entebbe, Uganda. 


Niaga has joined the Entebbe Children's Welfare School as a part time teacher for crafts vocation training. She will teach many of the teenage students how to create local crafts in order to provide them with skills to support themselves when they graduate. 



Hasifa is a full time teacher for children who have intellectual disabilities and are deaf. She has been teaching deaf children for over 8 years. She worked at Entebbe Children's Welfare School for over 5 years but due to budget constraints they were not able to keep her. With support from donors the school was able to rehire her!


She is an active deaf advocate who believes every person should be able to sign. She is dedicated to teaching every child at Children's Welfare as well as all the teachers!


The key to quality education is quality teachers. Unfortunately very few teachers in Africa have any special education training. We work with local and international experts and professionals to provide specialized trainings to equip teachers with the skills and tools they need to succeed.


For as little as $25 you can impact the future for hundreds of children by providing training for teachers, reducing classroom ratios and ensuring children with special needs receive the quality education they deserve.


We can all learn from each other. We encourage our international trainers to not only teach but to learn from the ingenuity of teachers working with limited resources. Our international trainers insist they gained more for the experience than they gave and take their lessons back to their own classrooms.


Support teacher trainings today and help prove every child can learn!

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