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Thanks to the support of donors, especially monthly donors, we have been able to improve the quality of education of over 150 children in Uganda.
Monthly donors allow us to provide continuous support and expand our impact. Consider becoming a monthly donor for as little as $20 per month to help us push forward the following projects:

Home of Hope is an orphanage for children with profound disabilities founded by Edith, the mother of a child with severe physical disabilities. Home of Hope is a home of love and hugs for children with the most severe disabilities, who otherwise would have little hope.


Home of Hope is in desperate need of metal bed frames for all the children. The current wooden bed frames are rotting out and infested with bed bugs that torment the children all night and put them at risk for infection. Please consider donating to our crowdfunding page to support the purchase of these new bed frames.


We are currently working to develop the inclusive education system for children with autism and cerebral palsy in Uganda. We are working to push forward inclusive education with teacher trainings and best practice research and implementation.


We work with special schools that have been established to address the unique needs of children with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities and/or multiple disabilities.


We have provided trainings on foundations of IEPs and teachings skills (co-teaching, stations, and more) that have impacted the education of over 120 students. Help us in our efforts to expand these trainings to more schools and more topics!


We are working with local partners to provide vocational trainings skills to children with disabilities to help them become contributing and thriving members of their community. Vocations are identified by local partners based on viability and abilities/interests of the students. We provide initial investment in vocational programs.


Help prove disability is not inability by supporting our vocational training projects or our much large capital campaign for the vocational institute.


Outreach is critical to improve the lives right now for children with disabilities in Uganda. We provide support to local partners to establish outreach programs.


We are currently seeking support to establish social work and community based rehabilitation in Jinja and Entebbe Uganda.


We are working with an established school in Jinja to create a Center for Excellence and to construct the first vocational training center for children with intellectual disabilities and multiple disabilities. We work closely with the schools to demonstrate the importance of life skill and vocational training incorporated with general education.


Development of this center for excellence has been limited due to lack of classroom space. Students huddling together on the porch for classes causes many distractions. Please support our construction efforts to build the first vocational training institute of its kind in Uganda. 



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