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Your donation will help us to advance the special education system in Uganda and change the way children with disabilities are treated.

At the Oliva Project we believe that everyone is able. Financial contributions drive our work forward and allow us to help more children. Or you can use your unique abilities to help children in Uganda discover theirs. If you’re a natural born party planner host a fundraiser! If you’re a software developer help us with app development. There are so many ways to give, to connect and to drive change. Tell us about your ability! Change starts with you!

Your Donation Will Make a Real Difference:

your $10
could provide critical
classroom resources

your $20
could provide

a future




your $30
could change attitudes



your $50
could  train

and support a teacher,

impacting hundreds of students

Use Your Abilities :

Everyone is able! What can you do? Click Here to tell us your ability!

Host a Fundraiser :

There are so many fun and exciting ways to get involved. If you already have an idea or don't know quite what to do, let us know!

Connect A School :

We have an amazingly fun program to connect schools all over the world with The Oliva Project and our students here in Uganda. Ask us about Uwe!

Come to Africa :

We are always looking for volunteers who can provide teacher training or provide for our students in any way.

make a change. make a dontion. become an advocate!


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