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Little Bird

Little Bird is the first person I have met in my life who suffered from sever malnutrition. When I first met her we didn't know if she would get through the week. She didn't look sick, not like I imagined at least. Her stomach bulged, her hair was fine, smooth and light brown. Had I not known I wouldn't have thought her situation was so dire. But then I saw her arms, mere bones, her collar bone protruding.

She had no speech, but rather chirped like a little bird calling for its mother, hence her nick name. Her chirps more eager when there was food around. She explored everything with her mouth, much like a toddler does. We have no idea what age she is but believe she has autism, which could unfortunately explain why she was malnourished.

Her recovery has taken a long time, and for weeks each time she would eat a real meal her stomach would balloon up and she would chirp in discomfort. But now she is thriving! She has bene brought in to a wonderful community for persons with disabilities, the youngest member. She has even started school. Her personality is shining through every day. She has just started her journey but I'm so excited to see where she ends up.

Here she is meeting a new bird friend. She really does explore everything with her mouth first, to her new friend dismay. No worries, no birds, real or named, were harmed.

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