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Improving Education:  Teachers as the key to quality education and a better future for children with special needs. We focus on training teachers with courses developed in collaboration with local and international experts and professionals in special education. We work closely with administration to ensure trainings are sustained, teachers continue to develop and students progress.

Monthly supporters allow us to provide continuous development, maintain small classroom ratios, and train more teachers.

Curriculum and Resource Development:  To ensure teachers and students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed Embrace Kulture uses international standards with local adaptations to develop curriculum and teacher resources including goal books and lesson plans. We are also working to develop valuable classroom resources using local materials including manipulative and sensory material, resources that allow and encourage every student to be successful in the classroom and in their lives.

We are currently seeking support for materials for resources development.

Vocational training:  All are able, everyone has a unique gift. Embrace Kulture works with local partners to develop vocational training opportunities for children with disabilities in order to help them develop independence and become thriving and contributing members of their community. We are currently seeking support for vocational programs at our partner schools and orphanages. Vocations include carpentry, tailoring, handcrafts, candle making and more. Vocations are identified by local partners based on students abilities and local economy.

We are also seeking support for the development of a vocational training center for children with multiple disabilities.

Therapy:  We work with children with multiple disabilities. To ensure all children are receiving a complete education with the physical development they require Embrace Kulture provides support to local partners with physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, as well as necessary resources.

We are currently seeking sponsors for therapists and resources.   

Outreach:  Using local partners we work with families and communities through outreach to improve awareness and sensitization of the unique abilities of every child. With local partners we support CBR and social work efforts as well as broader sports activities. With the support of the Tag Rugby Trust we have been able to establish two tag rugby teams (Entebbe and Jinja) for children with multiple disabilities.

We are currently seeking support to establish social work and community based rehabilitation in Jinja and Entebbe Uganda.

99% of girls with disabilities are illiterate, despite attending school. The problem is the quality of education.


EmbraceKulture is demonstrating a system to deliver quality special education for children with intellectual and multiple disabilities in Africa. Through teacher training, personalized education, resource development and vocational programs we work for all children to have the education and tools they need to realize their full potential and grow into thriving members of their family and of their community.

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