In Uganda, less than 94% of children with disabilities will not receive a basic education. 99% of girls with cognitive disabilities remain illiterate.

EmbraceKulture is committed to changing this. We work hand in hand with governments, teachers and schools to build a system of quality inclusive education by developing teacher trainings, resources, and curriculum adaptions to provide teachers with the skills and tools to teach all learners. 


With our partner St. Ursula Special School, a school based in Jinja for children with moderate to severe learning needs, we work to develop a program to train teachers, adapt curriculum and provide vocational and life skills to ensure our children receive the quality education every child deserves.


We believe education is the key to combating the negative stigma these children face and unlocking the door to a better future. 

St. Ursula Special School is currently fundraising for:

  • Piggery project to provide students with vocational skills and income for the school. We have already raised $1,000 towards our goal of $3,000!

  • Sponsorship for teachers! For only $50 you can sponsor a teacher and ensure students have the classroom ratio they need to achieve.


Sponsor a teacher or a program and give the gift of education today!

200 children served through our education program

“I use to fear these children, but now I understand and I will be the best teacher for them”