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EmbraceKulture is working to ensure all children are embraced and accepted for what makes them unique. We focus on developing awareness and quality education for children with development disabilities, including autism, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. We focus on empowering members of the community to become the agents of change and help them develop the solution.


In Uganda children with developmental disabilities are the most vulnerable. They face an extreme negative stigma, often thought of as a curse, a burden, or mad. Mothers are often blamed for their child’s disability and left to raise the child alone. Afraid of shame within the community, many families hide these children, locking them in rooms or even chaining them. We are working to combat this stigma and help every child achieve their potential.


We believe in empowering parents, teachers and persons with disabilities to become the agents of change. With a network of partners, we develop resource information, train teachers and create innovative technology solutions to put the power in their hands.

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